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Laser Hair Therapy Unveiled

Not only is laser hair removal pain-free, the light pulse disables large numbers of hair follicles in seconds, with no damage to the surrounding skin. The laser is selective, removing hairs by targeting the pigment of the hair inside the follicle. And, it’s permanent after only a handful of appointments.

No needles, wax or razors

Do away with those razors, leave the wax and keep those needles in the sewing basket where they belong. While electrolysis targets individual hairs by inserting a needle into and zapping each hair follicle, laser hair removal therapy will target larger sections with the less-invasive laser light. In laser hair removal therapy, the specialist will apply a cooling gel to the area and then use an instrument to deliver the light pulse to a portion of your skin.

Every clinic has a different system, but they all work under the same principle: hair removal through a light pulse.

Before the light

It’s imperative that you sit down with an esthetician trained in laser hair removal. They will put together a “before treatment” plan that will ascertain whether you require any mild medication or preparation prior to treatment. While most patients do not require an anesthetic, you may prefer a topical anesthetic in the case of potential discomfort. They will also answer any questions you may have about the process and what you can expect during a session and after.

Booking time

It makes sense that larger areas like your back and legs need more time with the laser. Set aside 60 to 90 minutes for these areas and only about 15 to 20 minutes for treatment on the face, underarms and bikini area.

The Hairlessly Ever After

Okay, so you may not reach this phase after your first or second appointment, or you may, depending on your skin and hair type. But, it’s essential to know what to expect after the appointment and the steps to take to achieve the best results. This is where our professionals come in – to answer your questions and put your mind at rest.

It’s probable that the treated areas may appear slightly pink or a little inflamed, but this should last only for the first few hours after your treatment. Keep on hand a topical ointment to help soothe the skin. Be sure to keep a list of questions you may have to ask your technician before and after your appointment. In rare cases, blistering may occur. Also, keep in mind that laser hair removal may not be as effective on really light or fine hair, depending on the laser system. Again, this is something you will discuss with your technician prior to your first appointment.

Three to seven days after treatment, there may appear to be some new hair growth – it isn’t. Most of these hairs will shed because of the treatment. While you can shave in between appointments, you should not wax or pluck your hair.

While laser hair therapy is painless for many, many people, there are potential complications that you should be made aware of. The vast majority of hair removal complications are minor and easily corrected. It is very important that you discuss these potential complications with your laser hair removal specialist. They will answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease before you see the first laser light.

We are your guide to choosing the right system and right clinic for you. Our team of professionals is there to take the mystery out of the whole process and better educate you as a client, for a happier, hairlessly ever after.

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